About Caring for Kids of Kenya

Who We Are

Welcome to Caring for Kids of Kenya, a nonprofit organization established by Linda Wilson to educate orphans and underprivileged children in Kenya.
CFKK is a unique organization, your donation goes directly to the schools that our children attend. Trips are organized several times a year to meet and work with the children we are helping.
The children we sponsor have lost everything, most at a very young age. Often these children were found on the streets and brought to an orphanage after being abandoned by their parents. Some have lost their family to HIV or the riots of 2007.
When you sponsor an orphan through Caring for Kids of Kenya, you not only educate a child who may never have had an opportunity to go to school, but you also help provide emotional support, meals, clothing, shelter and medical care. You will get to know your sponsor child and help him/her grow in a loving, secure environment. How wonderful would it be to have your sponsor child call one day to say “thanks to you, I have completed my education.”
If you prefer not to sponsor a child, consider a monthly or yearly donation that will help pay tuition and school expenses for several children. No donation is too small, please give what you can.

Be a Hero, Educate an Orphan!