How you can help

There are many ways for you to join us. Here are a few:

Sponsor a Child for Only $360 Per Year

Becoming a sponsor means you will assist a child with tuition and supplies needed for education. You can sponsor a child by a yearly donation or with easy monthly donations through PayPal.  No donation is too small.  Click the button and change a child’s life.


Throw a Party or Event

  • Give a cocktail party in your home to help spread the word.  We have everything you need, invitations, brochures and a video explaining the work being done in Kenya.  You can even have a silent auction. This has been very successful in the past and we hope to continue to have more gatherings around the U.S.
  • Get your children involved by having a bake sale or car wash to raise funds.
  • Get your schools involved by teaching them about Kenyan orphans and how they can help. Children are so proud of themselves when they give back.
  • Sell raffle tickets and use half the money for a prize and donate half to CFKK.
  • Sponsor a holiday dance for your teens and donate ticket proceeds.
  • During the holidays or parties such as anniversaries and birthdays, if you already have all you need, ask people to donate in your name.
  • No donation is too small.

Be a Hero, Educate an Orphan!