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Valerie needs help going to medical school

Valerie- Medical Student


Valerie is the second of 5 children and sister to Sheila, Fidel, Fransisco, and Henry. When she was very young her father was shot and killed by a so-called friend in a dispute. Shorty thereafter, her mother was in an automobile accident; Her mom sustained spinal injuries and now is confined to a wheelchair. Valerie and her siblings were sent to an orphanage because their mother could no longer care for them.
A few years ago the orphanage asked them to leave the home due to overcrowding. That is when Caring for Kids of Kenya stepped in and put all 5 children in school. They are now doing very well in school and much happier.

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 Fransisca is 11 years old and will not be able to continue school in January unless we find sponsors to help. She and her four-year-old brother are being raised by their single mother. Her mother washes clothes for money to feed her family. This work is very inconsistent so it is a constant struggle to keep her daughter in school. Fransisca is a very bright girl who attends a small unrecognized school where the teachers are high school students. Since she is the first born, she cares for her younger brother as a young mother would do even though she is only 11. She has very little time to do her homework. Attending boarding school, gives her the opportunity to devote herself to her studies.

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